Who do we help?

We serve mainly small to medium-sized nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations. We also assist donors and philanthropists with finding a focus area and executing a giving strategy that matches their passion. For assistance related to individuals or for-profit entities, please visit www.innovantllc.com.

How does payment work?

For a la carte services such as Grant Prospect Report, Grant Specific Overview, or Community Presence Analysis, payment is due at time of order and most services have a 5-10 business day turnaround. For more in-depth services, an agreement is drafted to suit your organization's needs and a deposit is due prior to beginning services. Deposits are credited back in equal increments on monthly invoices. Clients are only billed for actual hours worked.

Can you accept contingency payments?

We do not accept contingency payments for a variety of reason, but the main issues are: 
- It is against the law in Florida and we could lose our licensing. 
- It is a violation of the Professional Grant Writer's Code of Ethics and we could lose our affiliation status.

What should I look for in a contract grant writing service?

Licensing, insurance, and certification are the first 3 major things to ask about. Experience with a variety of funding sources is also important.

Still have questions?

Get in touch, fill out our form and we will get back to you within

48 hours.