Our Clients

While we are able to work within any area of focus, here are the areas we have extensive experience in.

Puppy Chin Scratch

Animal Rescue and Welfare

Domestic animals and wildlife rehabilitation

Art Museum

Humanities, Arts, and Culture

Various programs

Teacher and Young Student


Charter, public, and private institutions 

Purple Blossom

Human Services

Infant mortality, domestic violence, terminal illness.

Happy Young Girls

Youth Organizations

Civic clubs, sports, and community-based programs

Including WIOA, internships, and Youthbuild

Vegetable Farm
Serving Food
doing work together



Diversity &

Social justice, services for persons with disabilities.


Programs to support the connection between agriculture and people

Poverty Alleviation

Food insecurity, housing, hygiene, employment support, and various other programs

Specific client information and grant award details are kept confidential.

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